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What Happens When

What happens when the gears start turning way too fast? 
Or won’t start on time? Or just can’t keep up with the incoming rounds?

When you begin to know so much that every effort to secure a border immediately becomes the “purity of heart is to will one thing” of Kierkegaard – namely, impossible?

It’s not surprising, I suppose, that one can end up chafing against the limits of one’s own brainskin, and renting it asunder like so many chards of water splaying off a shaking dog:

…and THEN what happens?

I would venture to sell “gnarled contusions” of the brain with varying types and levels of pesticides labeled as senile or alzheimerish twists of a common root poison

Common but deadly.

Like everything else…

… or is that just the attitude of a shaking dog? Like me

yeah… LIKE ME. (nothing like linguistic twists and Limericks)



or a few.

Say it again!

WHY do we do this? and… Was that Sally Fields from The Flying Nun?

You think too much

and You don’t think at all

while you might think too little

and your dick is too hard and brittle…

all because “In the Beginning was the WORD”… without which, we would not be having this event at all…
And another thing we would not be having are the labels of separation that are required for ORDER – an imposition requiring “judgment” in order to provide homeostatic regulation for life.

Don’t look to me for dribble and I won’t ask you for validation.

EVERY non-judgmental judgment is still a judgment… so unless we remain silent and focus on detachment from the very world we seek to consume and be consumed by… it’s about dancing with the tunes allowed by social memetic forces… what a dance!