Old Ladies Let the Dogs Out


Trump sat down for an interview with CBS News, and he was asked what he has to say to parents and teachers who aren’t on board with his reckless reopening plan. Trump’s answer: “I would tell parents and teachers that you should find yourself a new person whoever’s in charge of that decision because it’s a terrible decision because children and parents are dying from that trauma too. They’re dying because they can’t do what they’re doing … We’re starting to do very well in the polls because I’m for law and order.”

I actually generally understand what he’s saying – and his speech issues are just those of old age with mild “word” forgetfulness – like me, he loses the words but knows and continues the train of thought. So, in this one – he really said: I would tell parents to get a leader who changes their response (Trump is assuming these “not on board” teachers and parents have a representative who influenced them) – because it’s a terrible decision (to NOT want to reopen schools) – BECAUSE it is killing people too – killing their desire and ability to go to work and perform their jobs and raise their kids right (they can’t do what they normally do). His last sentence about being for law and order is about opposing and stopping the resistance movement – ie. those who commit crimes of violence and aggressively misbehave to keep the economy from moving and try to stop the next step to re-open the economy.

Actually – while I hate this guy for being a turd as a man …. albeit he is no different than many older, physically unappealing to me, gross men of power who manhandled me throughout my life – which means Trump is like a LOT of men in society – especially men of some power or status akin to too many of the military leaders and managers in corporations I have known… while I hate him for that and even more for his ability to go soooo low verbally and in mean retribution as well as without any regard for laws – I admire his unflagging move forward and tenacity – in order to never give up and always keep trying to accomplish HIS personal goals… he HAS TO have an incredible capacity to keep punching – and all his verbal bravado about physical prowess and machismo… is about his inner masculine, testosterone-filled determination to win. (and men in particular, but even many women, are drawn to those who show greater tenacity and chutzpah). I understand him and the fact that the majority of those with a right wing agenda (varied) – fall in line and follow…. means that Trump is right in assuming there are a lot of people who are willing to let him lead as long as their “issues” are talked about and they feel appeased.

Among these followers we have the angry sheeple who have little education and primarily base values on their emotional reactions – and of course, tons of educated people who understand the import of decisions about social issues… but these people either are emotionally twisted and religiously brainwashed AND/OR they have their own agenda for their life – which supersedes social welfare and long term social goals or problems… they want to keep or improve their power positions in life. We would label many of them as narcissistic.

BUT isn’t that precisely what our society and economic system promotes anyway? WHY are we surprised when we achieved exactly what we all like to hear from those endless ads: Do it YOUR way! You CAN HAVE IT ALL! Eat all you want and STILL lose weight! Keep smoking your favorite brands and let our product naturally take out the nicotine. Go ahead – You deserve it! Treat yourself to something – BUY some more of this product reduced now once only for a lifetime of pleasure and gain – JUST DO IT! – Live in the NOW – STOP planning and worrying – the future WILL TAKE CARE OF ITSELF… God will save us… Just pray – Keep smiling!

Isn’t capitalist American social order based precisely on these principles:

1) Being selfish is OK – it is all about you! Don’t worry – Be happy!
2) ALWAYS want more – consume more – buy more – live more – Be happy!
3) There is a product out there or coming soon – that will FIX the problems your actions caused… whether it’s bankruptcy or diabetes or lung cancer or drug-induced schizophrenia or depression after choosing the wrong guy 5 times and shitting out 6 babies on welfare… in the meantime, we’ll sell you some placebos and stabilize you a bit and feed you happy pills (whatever you choose as your happy pills)… and remember: There is a heaven – your heavenly father will make it all better – you’ll get to heaven – your enemies won’t… Jesus loves you when nobody else does.
4) FOR THOSE IN THE KNOW ABOUT THAT HEAVEN: Nobody has the answers – we all know everything from morals to ideals are culturally developed – you only live once and as long as you pretend you believe – you can climb up that social ladder of success and feel good about your success… mankind was always depraved and we are animals. Take charge and enjoy YOUR life! IF there’s a heaven you can probably BUY your way into it anyway!
5) You deserve only good things – OTHERS are to blame for problems.

Last night I listened to the news – and they talked at length about our NEED TO INCREASE CONSUMER SPENDING in order to make the economy better….
a) Increased spending means increased purchases – we buy more product
b) Buying more product means more product must be produced
c) Whatever we humans produce comes from raw earthen materials and is converted into harmful plastics or other inorganic items – we consume resources in order to produce anything – production requires energy
d) So capitalism and increased human consumption means we destroy mother earth’s supplies of materials faster and faster to make more and more plastic Black and White Barbie and Kens – or shotguns to hunt deer in shrinking, kudzu covered forests.
e) It also means we MUST reproduce more and cannot support birth control – after all, the existing humans can only consume so much – and then we need new humans to increase consumption.


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